Happy Birthday to Bitcoin!

There are two dates often considered for the birth of Bitcoin:

October 31, 2009 — The Bitcoin Whitepaper is released.

January 3, 2010 — The first transaction takes place on the Bitcoin blockchain. The Genesis Block is created.

There is some contention in the crypto community as to the true birth date of Bitcoin. We’re proudly in the camp of the first transaction, the first material activity of digital currency and blockchain technology!

It’s amazing how much can happen in a decade. The genesis of Bitcoin launched a tidal wave of activity in the crypto space which isnow proudly home to over 2000 digital currencies. As of this writing, Bitcoin has a $67 billion market cap, with millions of transactions — all this activity is indeed a tidal wave of users surfing its wake throughout the internet.

Where will the next decade take us? Time will tell. But if the previous decade is an example, we can only count on massive change, with repercussions rippling out into a radically technological future.

We are incredibly excited about what will come next, and we do owe our existence to the birth of Bitcoin. Without it, who knows what we would be doing! We’d still be paying for things with fiat … who does that anymore!?

As crypto and blockchain continue to garner attention from bigger institutions and the general public we expect the space to thrive on this, to continue to grow, to innovate, to adapt, and to amaze.

We’re all in. Will you join us?