Ethereum Blockchain Apps: Learn How To Make Them

Ethereum Blockchain Apps: Learn How To Make Them

Coding for the Ethereum Blockchain

You’ve probably heard about one of the most popular languages out there, Solidity, which is the de facto programming language of the Ethereum blockchain. As Ethereum, cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech explodes in popularity, there’s a growing demand for a skilled educated workforce in the development space.

According to a Hackernoon article, the average annual wage of blockchain developers in the US sits at around $158k in tech clusters such as San Francisco, Boston, or New York. Blockchain freelance development consultants can earn between $50-100 an hour.

Knowing Solidity allows you to develop smart contracts, dApps, and also audit other people’s smart contracts. A big question a lot of beginners in the space ask is where to go to learn Solidity. In this post, we’ll share a few resources to get you started.



Blockgeeks offers many courses on the Ethereum blockchain. It was a great curation of content and they are constantly adding more lessons. You can start a free 7-day trial to see if you like it.



CryptoZombies is an excellent resource that manages to gamify learning Solidity. It teaches learners how to build dApps and the ins and outs of the Solidity language through the development of a decentralized game (similar to CryptoKitties). The lessons are all completely free and very interactive making it perfect for beginners.


A 101 Noob Intro to Programming Smart Contracts on Ethereum by Consensys:

Consensys is another great place to find a lot of resources. In fact, we recommend following Consensys on Medium as they publish a lot of other great content too.


Decypher Media:

If videos are your way to learn, Decypher Media has created a playlist on building dApps step by step.


Build an ICO crowdsale by OpenZeppelin:

This video may be better if you’re looking into building an ICO. OpenZeppelin also has many great resources to get started with smart contract auditing. They’ve made a game called Ethernaut where in every level, players must hack a smart contract and reveal a security flaw:



Another great interactive way to learn Solidity just like CryptoZombies!


A Final Note

There are also many books you can read to gain a deeper understanding. Our suggestion is that you start with one resource and stick with it to gain the basic understanding and foundations. Then you can branch off into your own focus area that you want to look into more such as smart contract development, auditing, or ICO crowdsales. The good news is that many industries are looking into blockchain so this is a skill that is easily transferable whether you’re in healthcare, finance, or retail.

Because blockchain is such a new space, it may be frustrating as a beginner due to a general lack of resources. What we mean by this is that if you’re looking to learn a Javascript framework or how to make Android apps, there are already tons of resources, forums, and documented solutions to common problems. However, the same cannot be said for Solidity. Therefore, learning Solidity isn’t just a test of your technical skills but also your patience.


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