BAT, COMP, and LINK are now available on Coinberry

We’re rounding out the week by adding three more new altcoins, Basic Attention Token, Compound and Chainlink.

In addition to the new coins listed today, we’ve added eight other new altcoins for Coinberry investors to buy and sell this week.

alt coin launch

We believe in making exciting and innovative blockchain and DeFi projects available to Canadian crypto investors. With the arrival of these new tokens on Coinberry, you can now access these tokens all on one platform.

If you’re interested in altcoins and DeFi, check out our blog and see if it’s time to expand your crypto portfolio.

Funding and Withdrawals coming soon
Stay tuned as we are working on making funding and withdrawals available.

Open your Coinberry app to get your hands on BAT, Compound and Chainlink in just a few clicks.