Start Accepting Payment in Bitcoin with Coinberry Pay

With Coinberry Pay, businesses, merchants, and individuals can receive payments, donations, and tips in Bitcoin and easily convert them to Canadian dollars.

Coinberry PayYou might have noticed Bitcoin ATMs popping up more frequently, as people are increasingly using Bitcoin for purchases. Accepting payment in cryptocurrency is now easier than ever. Every Coinberry account comes with a unique pay link. If you share this pay link with the intended recipient you can start accepting payment in Bitcoin.

Get paid in Bitcoin from anywhere in the world and skip out on fees

Accepting Bitcoin lets you receive payments from all around the world and easily convert them into Canadian dollars. Coinberry Pay, also lets you avoid transaction fees that may come with traditional payment platforms like PayPal or Interac.

Start accepting BTC as payment in only a few minutes

Coinberry Pay is easy to set up and use, once you’ve set up your Coinberry account. From there you can copy your unique pay link and provide it to your payor via your method of choice.

A wide range of businesses is embracing cryptocurrency as payment, from multinational corporations to small businesses and content creators and art dealers. You can even pay your taxes in Bitcoin with participating municipalities.

If you want to start accepting cryptocurrency at your business sign up with Coinberry to learn more and get started.