Coinberry Idea to Revenue

Interview with Coinberry CEO and Co-Founder, Andrei Poliakov 

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Andrei Poliakov, recently appeared on Tinkti’s Start-Up Idea to Revenue podcast for an interview with host Ben Dooley. They talked about the story behind Coinberry’s founding and the opportunities and challenges currently facing the crypto market and its investors.   

In case you missed it live, we’ve uploaded the interview with Coinberry Co-Founder and CEO Andrei Poliakov and Tinkti’s Ben Dooley to our YouTube channel. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a crypto enthusiast, you won’t want to miss it.  

Andrei and Ben dove deep and discussed events such crypto winter of 2018 and how it helped position Coinberry to thrive in the current crypto boom. Andrei talked about some of his “Ah-Ha” moments, taking calculated risks, knowing when to pivot your business, and how learning chess can help navigate the start-up space.   

If you are a crypto investor or a young entrepreneur looking for insights into cryptocurrency and the start-up world, watch the Q&A session on our YouTube channel.