Get to Know Alt Coins


Most people think of Bitcoin when they hear the word “cryptocurrency.” Of course, this makes perfect sense because bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency and continues to be the most popular one. However, there are other cryptocurrencies out there too, called alternative coins, or altcoins. There are over 9,000 of them and counting and they make up over 40% of the entire cryptocurrency market. And while there are thousands of them, there is a handful that investors are particularly interested in.

The main reasons why investors may prefer certain altcoins over Bitcoin are because they are generally perceived to offer higher potential returns and because they believe in the purpose, goal or vision behind the blockchain project. Due to the lower total market cap for altcoins compared to Bitcoin, they are much more susceptible to large price movements. Altcoin investors may see this volatility as a potential upside to their buy and selling.

Take a closer look at some coins to consider, including what they are and what their unique appeal is in our cryptocurrency information section.