Avoid Crypto Scams and Fraud

Cryptocurrency scams are at the forefront of every crypto investor’s mind. We examine the familiar and not-sofamiliar scamsfraud, and digital threats. 

Latest Scams and Crypto Fraud

Special Report: The Latest Crypto Scams: What are They and How to Avoid Them 

There is no magic bullet when it comes to avoiding cryptocurrency scams. As cryptocurrencies gain popularity, more scammers and scams are sure to follow. The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep read and educate yourself about the crypto ecosystem and stay current on all the trends and scams that arise. 

To help keep you and your digital assets safe online, learn about the following digital security tactics:  

  • Cold storage wallets.  
  • Two-factor identification.  
  • Only conduct business with known and reputable service providers.  
  • Keep your keys private; never share them.  
  • Confirm all addresses when making transfers. 

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