Customer Service Expectations

Thank you to all Coinberry members. I personally would like to tell all of you that I read your comments and truly understand your frustration.

buy bitcoin in CanadaI speak for myself and on behalf of the entire Coinberry team when saying that we want to deliver a best-in-class service experience, and we know that waiting days for answers about a financial transaction is unacceptable.

The recent email delays are too long, admittedly, and I want to express my appreciation for your business and your trust in the Coinberry platform.

I take your input seriously and would like you to know that you are heard, and there is no reason to be worried beyond us taking longer than usual to answer emails. Coinberry answers 100% of our support email requests. You will receive an answer.

Our transactions backlogged due to the amount of trading volume, congestion on blockchain networks and third-party banking systems being maxed out.

Coinberry has increased customer support capacity by 200% since November, and we plan to double this in March. This week all departments will have an all-hands-on-deck customer support rally, including myself, to prioritize answering your support requests as a company.

Secondly, I quickly want to acknowledge that all of us, right now, are writing the pages of financial history together.

Bitcoin broke out and hit Wall and Bay street while earning the spotlight in some of the most popular social media feeds in North America.

This is truly a historic moment that we are sharing, and every exchange, platform and network has been tested with the recent spikes in volume.

I want to thank you again for investing with Coinberry. You made the right choice. We are adapting and growing fast to bring our response times to be the best in the industry.

We look forward to answering your emails, and thank you again for your patience and your business.

– Andrei Poliakov, CEO