Tesla, Bitcoin and Elon Musk

Tesla announces an investment of $1.5 billion in Bitcoin this morning with rumours of receiving payments in BTC. Tesla’s news gave Bitcoin an immediate boost, today we are seeing new all-time high trading prices.

celebrate buy bitcoinThis morning’s Tesla-inspired Bitcoin price rally comes during an unprecedented social media call to arms about Dogecoin, started by Elon Musk, who was most recently joined by Kiss’ Gene Simmons’ and Snoop Dog, who now goes by Snoop DOGE.

“These recent events show how many more people are ready to embrace cryptocurrencies which is good for the entire community and a decentralized financial future. At Coinberry we are striving to provide Canadian’s convenient access to cryptocurrency in a first-class financial experience.”

– Andrei Poliakov, CEO

It’s looking like Tesla gave Bitcoin and crypto a credibility boost that inspires participation.  Tesla’s move is being watched by CEO’s worldwide and can pave the way for similar corporate investing.

Adoption starts with awareness and that’s what we’re seeing from the recent social media activity by Elon Musk and Tesla’s Bitcoin investment strategy.

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