What it means to be a Hodler

hodlerHodling, or more simply put holding cryptocurrency is much more than the art of sitting idly by and doing nothing. Yes, this is a fundamental part of keeping ones long term chances at that golden ticket intact. Ultimately at its core is a person’s willingness to adhere to ones self. Many may believe the current cryptocurrency movement is in its infancy despite much news and moves towards some larger scale mainstream adopters over the past year. There is a growing movement of those willing to hold (or Hodl if the memes have caught up with you) on to their cryptocurrencies for the sake of getting the chance to profit off the exponential growth that comes with a tremendous wave of both new adopters and those seeking to double down on the promise of a coin like Bitcoin’s exceptional growth. Considering that this financial product is not quite the traditional stock or bond, rather its value is somewhat held together by a community of believers, those willing to hodl… whether it dips, dives or dances through a new all time high on it’s way to the moon.

As with any financial endeavor there is some trust in the balance, some faith if you will. Unless you have the inside take on where these coins are going like Arnold Rothstein’s apparent rigging of the 1919 World Series, then you are simply placing a bet. One that will inevitably lead to you cashing out your chips in to some denomination of other currency or value that you seek to exchange for. It is very much worth holding on to such an end goal, for this will serve as a base and general anchor for the feelings that will ultimately arise as you ride the ever-evolving roller coaster that is the modern cryptocurrency landscape. This is not a world you want to lose too much of yourself to, with so much opportunity and loss in play. It’s not hard to see how many an individual has fallen victim to the relentless price checking of coins that the abundance of anecdotes out there will detail in how someone has let this new form of wealth rob them of their day to day living. There is of course the possibility of betting it all on the idea that one day the revolution is coming and the current modern financial infrastructure will flip in to a purely digital one that is much more reliant on the decentralized systems of blockchain technology. All of these moves stem from confidence in ones beliefs, which in turn call upon the necessity to keep ones inner world in tact, to hold true to your-self.

When it comes to dealing with mediums of value I would argue the wise know where they stand in terms of their own ‘values’ in life. A principled and disciplined person, by nature, stands to be in a much more empowered and controlling position over their own livelihood. Especially those who have the ability to lose everything and retain who they are, values, beliefs and all… unshaken. We all have different potentials of focus and willingness when it comes to what we may be able to derive in terms of information from the modern landscape of the crypto world. This is another element of being a good hodler. Information and the relationships therein are a key source of power when it comes to making the right plays both in life and in the crypto community. Whether you’re in it for just the sake of investment, short or long-term, for gaining a greater understanding of where the modern marketplace is

headed or for simply technology’s sake then you’re going to want to secure your means of holding on to yourself and what you’re about. This may mean developing yourself more as a keenly critical, insightful and effective person in general, for which the advice I then must offer is to question, question everything. Those that stand for nothing will fall for anything, and it is this sort of stance in the world that will define the ground you are capable of holding. Before you venture too far in to any investment… remember that there’s more to life than the value others have placed on the world around you. And it is with this in mind that some of the real value of life starts to show itself by those who choose to hold on to tradition, newly created or long since established, and stand to enrich the lives of many generations to come. It ain’t easy, as dry as it may seem at times, but it’s an incredible and fascinating challenge for those who stand to contribute value to the world around us by choosing to hodl in your own way.

By Alex K.