Security Upgrade – 2FA Mandatory on All Accounts

Security Upgrade!

2FA will be mandatory on all Coinberry accounts beginning Monday November 23rd.

Here at Coinberry, we’re always updating our security measures to ensure we’re doing our best to keep your account safe. Next, we’ll be requiring 2FA for all logins and withdrawals.

For questions or assistance with this update, please email

2fa Authentication

What should I do?
Login to your account and turn on 2FA. You can choose the method of 2FA by setting up either the Google Authenticator or the Authy App.

Already had 2FA set up with Google Authenticator or Authy?
You’re all set! There will be no change to your account with this update.

What happens if I do not turn on 2FA myself?
Our our platform will automatically use SMS 2FA codes which will require you to receive an SMS message to the phone number associated with your account in order to login or withdrawal.

Why 2FA?
We are protecting you! More security means safer trading!

What is SMS 2FA?
SMS 2FA is an authentication code sent to your phone via SMS from the Coinberry App to verify it is you.

Will the code be the same each time?
The code will be a unique 6 digit number for each login and withdrawal.

You can download the Authenticator app here:
Android phones

You can also download the Authy app here:
Android phones

We’re always working to provide our Coinberry members a great service.

Stay tuned for future upgrades in our security, service and platform. Thanks for choosing Coinberry! Happy Trading!