Financial Institution Bond Insurance

Coinberry is proud to announce that we have recently acquired a Financial Institution Bond. This financial bond, a requirement for registration with the Ontario Securities Commission, protects us and our customers from what some cryptocurrency users fear the most – losing money to dishonest insider exit scams or criminal acts.

A Financial Institution Bond is a type of financial payment guarantee, which protects against sustaining financial loss from: unethical business conduct, crimes committed on premises, losses occurring in transit and against forgeries and alterations.

We have gone out of our way to ensure that our members have the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies on a safe and secure platform with an additional layer of financial protection and a legal means of recovering losses in the event of a covered incident.

“We want to offer our customers the most protection and security in their crypto trading experience and we invested in providing peace of mind to our users by specifically protecting against one of the biggest fears within the crypto community in Canada – potential financial losses due to internal dishonest or unethical behavior.”

-Andrei Poliakov, CEO Coinberry 

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Coinberry has set out to be the leading crypto trading platform in Canada and provide its users with the strongest levels of assurances. Coinberry was one of the first crypto trading platforms to have publicly audited financial statements in Canada, the first to work with Canadian municipalities to process tax payments made in Bitcoin and we are now extremely proud to be the first crypto trading platform in Canada to announce the acquisition of a Financial Institution Bond.

Our policy offers an additional layer of insurance in the events of:

  • dishonest or fraudulent acts of employees;
  • any loss of money and securities or other property through robbery, burglary, theft, hold-up, or other fraudulent means, mysterious disappearance, damage or destruction while within our offices;
  • any loss of money and securities or other property through robbery, burglary, theft, hold-up, misplacement, mysterious disappearance, damage or destruction, while in transit in the custody of any of our employees or any person acting as messenger for us;
  • any loss through having purchased or acquired, sold or delivered, or extended any credit or acted upon securities or other written instruments which prove to have been forged, counterfeited, raised or altered, or lost or stolen;
  • and other caveats that protect both our valued members and us as a company.

Leading in Compliance and Regulation

At Coinberry, we are committed to providing Canadians with the safest, most secure and easiest to use crypto currency trading platform possible.

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